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For almost a decade, Bree Kristel Clarke, BKC, has been entrenched in the music industry as a “rock-tographer”, photographing, documenting and working closely with some of the biggest names in the business including: Dave Navarro, AC/DC, Perry Farrell, Willy Nelson, The Prodigy, K-OS, Radiohead, NOFX and Ozzy Osbourne. 

An Aussie native based out of Los Angeles for 7 years, BKC has also been featured as a photographer on shows: VH1’s “The Shot;” MTV’s “Buzzin” while on tour with Shwayze; Gene Simmons’ “Family Jewels,” and as a photo judge on VH1’s “Rock of Love.”

• Various regular clients such as, People for the Ethical Treatment Against Animals (PETA), Esquire Magazine, Geek magazine, Mania, Alternative Press magazine, Blackheart Records, Defected Records, Interscope

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